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FEAT Foundation for Exceptional Abilities and Talents

“Exceptional actions can only be accomplished by exceptionally talented men… Hereby it is ordered that all governments and circles to find highly talented and extraordinary men among its civil servants and population who would be suited to become generals, chancellors or ambassadors in faraway lands!” Wu of Han, Chin. 漢武帝 / 武帝, (*156 BC, †29. March 87 BC.)

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The © FEAT-Stiftung is an international research and education center of excellence for the most highly gifted young people all around the globe and is headquartered as a non-profit organization in Nuremberg.

The greatest consideration is given to the brightest minds in the fields of humanities and science who guarantee a visible added value to meaningfully productive scientific work.

FEAT has set itself the goal of gathering the most brilliant minds of tomorrow to promote their talents to the best of his ability and knowledge to then put the thus generated added value to the service of general public interest in a meaningful way.
These answers are scientifically sound, irrefutably correct and commit to immediate action! The following describes the how?, for whom?, why? and which? of measures will be implemented by FEAT. 
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