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Concerning side effects of covid vaccine

In addition to my preview of «©Immuxøl – the new phytocine», I present the following pro- and contra-arguments concerning the indispensability of urgent strengthening of the immune system, after the latter, according to the arguments summarized below, is by no means given via vaccine, but is to be weighted as appropriate with the intake of the phytocine "©Immuxøl", among others: 


In the face of the evident "Covid-19 hopelessness," scientists from the FEAT Foundation have taken the trouble to bring an effective immune preparation called ©Immuxøl onto the market, which in the meantime has shown effect in the admittedly still relatively few people who take it: Since then, everyone who has taken this remedy is free of Corona and its typical symptoms; this is sometimes the case with people who accompanied their Covid-19-infected relatives (who, unfortunately, did not use ©Immuxøl) hand in hand until their death, without having been infected themselves. 


A parallel product to ©Immuxøl is in production at our company. It is called ©Panaxeng and is based on using bioactive ginsenosides from the original North Korean red Panax ginseng root. It complements ©Immuxøl because it assists our immune system by relieving special defense resources to be better - and, above all, more quickly - deployed at more urgent points within our organism. Simultaneously it supports our physical and mental fitness, which would be a health enrichment for mind and body because of the stress overload and permanent exhaustion from work that most performance-achieving people have nowadays! 


However, beyond the advantages outlined here in terms of phytocine intake (as a "herbal analogue" to vaccines), on the occasion of numerous discussions with doctors as well as politicians, I have once again investigated the causality of increased thrombosis formation after anti-Sars-CoV-2 vaccination in more concrete terms, while too many considerable risks and side effects responsibly call for more expertise and alternatives:


To begin with, I would like to emphasize that the spike protein theory, which is generally stated in various expert circles and stems from anti-vaccine intentions, neither has sufficient arguments nor can it be made plausible convincingly from the basic approach. The so-called S.-P. theory presupposes that even the smallest blood vessels could be pricked via intramuscular injection and that vaccine could thus also enter the blood, which would ultimately result in the much-lamented formation of thrombosis after vaccination. However, I would like to refute this viewpoint insofar as this would only lead to thrombosis-forming side effects if a sufficient quantity were supplied to the bloodstream at one stroke, which only intravenous injections would be capable of doing. However, since this is not the case here since the injection is intramuscular (into the upper arm), the all too frequent causality of subsequent thrombosis formation, compared to the otherwise much too low dosage directly into the blood, should be found elsewhere. Thus, my conclusion now, by which two reactions are to be presupposed:


One concerns   «cortisol excess»,   the other   «platelet shock».   Both simultaneously = thrombosis alarm!


A brief introduction to cortisol or hydrocortisone: this steroid hormone is produced in the adrenal cortex and then released into the bloodstream. It is finally broken down in the liver, to be excreted in the urine via the kidneys. Cortisol production occurs, helped by a highly sensitive regulatory circuit through corticoliberin from the hypothalamus and adrenocorticotropin from the pituitary gland. The former is released by the hypothalamus in spurts and promotes the formation and release of the latter in and from the pituitary gland. This adrenocorticotropin, which is now released, stimulates the formation and release of cortisol in or from the adrenal cortex, causing the cortisol concentration in the blood to rise rapidly within a few minutes. However - and I meant this by "highly sensitive control loop" - the cortisol released hereafter inhibits the release of corticoliberin and adrenocorticotropin. This prevents cortisone excess. Here, I summarize cortisol modes of action:

  1. An increase in cardiac muscle beating force resulting in increased blood pressure and faster breathing.

  2. Increase in blood glucose levels as an antagonist to insulin.

  3. Dissolving of fat stores by boosting adrenaline.

  4. Reduction of excess, endogenous protein stores.

  5. Inhibition of the growth in length of our bones.

  6. Activation ↔ inhibition of gene transcription with the ability to read stored genetic information in spec. genes.

  7. Increased attention, better information processing, memory, appetite stimulation, each induced via cortisol in the CNS.

  8. Inhibition or containment and deconstruction of inflammation.

  9. Prevention of false immune alarm.

In our vaccination case, No 9 is of decisive relevance (cf. above-mentioned highly sensitive control loop). If this control loop is broken, the cortisol process occurs. A breakthrough occurs primarily only when the enemy defended against can no longer be assigned, i.e., identified. Compare this with the alertness of the fire department, which is always informed immediately before the start of the operation what is burning where and to what extent, and how it is to be extinguished. If, however, there is suddenly no warning or a more precise description of the fire, but only an apocalyptic fire panic, i.e., a report of a fire outbreak that no one can identify (possibly even an invisible fire that can be located only when it is too late), then - in a figurative sense - all conceivable alarm bells in our organism ring, while our blood may be flooded by cortisol like a tsunami. This is where the second part of thrombosis formation comes into play: the blood platelets, also called platelets:


But first, the following brief note: Contrary to popular medical opinion, platelets are involved in our immune defense: Platelets are, so to speak, the infantry of our immune defense system; they are both the fire department and the cleaning crew. They interact actively with infectious pathogens and are on hand as the first, rapid strike force to bind or stop the latter quickly, i.e., provisionally. In this process, platelets proactively move toward injured or inflamed tissue sites and attach themselves to the pathogens helped by their adhesive receptors. A cellular cleaning squad, so to speak, constantly scans the blood vessel surfaces for potential intruders to encircle the pathogens it detects (as a first-aid measure) and keeps them in check until the cavalry in white blood cells arrives - and takes over. A local mixture of platelets and pathogens is formed by then, which eventually leads to the activation of neutrophil granulocytes* (*white blood cells known as leukocytes). The latter finally isolate and eliminate the pests altogether.


And now for the actual connection: Excessive cortisol secretion also alerts and activates platelets as the first and fastest reaction force, as unusually high cortisol levels always act as a danger indicator. If a sudden immune response is demanded from our body, which our organism is not yet aware of and thus overreacts in a shock-like manner (cf. the firefighting example above), then it first does one thing: Mobilize all the defenses you can think of, whether they make sense individually or not. Thus, cortisol excess eventually occurs, and with it, thrombosis, due to the cortisol-activated platelets.


In our vaccination case, this reaction is because the Sars-CoV-2, which is actually to be fought, cannot call any suitable antibodies onto the scene via vaccination since the administered vaccine is only due to a probabilistic extrapolation of those actual virus components, all of which cannot be known since this virus itself has never - for itself! - been isolated or identified. Our organism perceives - rightly - the vaccination as a diffuse threat that be assigned nowhere and reacts with the most violent cortisol excess - which leads to thrombosis formation! 


In the way of the second vaccination, there are now two possibilities: either the human immune system is so strong that it overcomes this cortisol-platelet shock so the immune defense memory maps and stores this surprise trauma as such fast enough to react more calmly with the next attack, i.e., with the second vaccination. This should ensure the maintenance of the control loop between the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal cortex with their respective hormones and their interactions. 

Or, and this would be the 2nd possibility, the immune defense is too weak to catalog that first attack shock for the immune defense memory so that from this, no strengthening but weakening occurs, which one could call immune trauma. However, if the immune system is already traumatized and weakened after the initial attack, it will also most likely become worse than better the second time. Continuing to get worse the third time and so on. It would only be a matter of time before the immune overreaction would even lead to death after our body at some point demands far more defense resources than it would ever be capable of supplying. This would then be expressed, for example, by a heart attack, cardiac and/or pulmonary embolism, stroke, or even suffocation. Either way, it always comes down to the same thing: No one would be permanently ill if all of our immune systems were intact, let alone if a virus-like Sars-CoV-2 could harm us. Therefore, we would no longer need to talk about the need for vaccination and the associated risks and side effects. So let's summarize:


Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, it has gotten exponentially worse and worse. Measures taken may have had a short-lived effect here and there, but overall they've only ever led to worse results. The whole world is stuck in an unprecedented lockdown. ... Existences were and are destroyed. Meanwhile, countless patients are and were neglected and sometimes not treated. According to this, there are many deaths to mourn. Respirators apparently do not put the brakes on the pandemic either. Mass vaccinations seem successful here and there for a short time, only to discover that vaccinated persons are infected with Corona, plus the increasing number of disease cases (sometimes with fatal consequences) after vaccination. Last but not least, RKI President Dr. Lothar Heinz Wieler (veterinarian) asserts that there is no clarity as yet as to what extent immune protection against Covid-19 is guaranteed by vaccination. Similarly, Secretary-General of the German Society for Immunology, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Carsten Watzl says that worldwide, there are no reliable threshold values for Sars-CoV-2 recovered people, from when and/or how long immune protection against this virus exists.


However, according to the above pro and con balance of "pandemic control measures" via vaccine and/or phytocine it may be inferred from this: We all need to strengthen our immune systems, whether instead of or in addition to vaccinations! We should have no problem highlighting this here. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, the focus of my analysis is on the hop polyphenols, which form the essential base of the phytocine ©Immuxøl and have a unique affinity with the human immune system worldwide. 


The prioritization that I suggest, to upgrade our immune system in the first and most important place, arises all the more as the uncertainty of the vaccine effect, which can hardly be doubted anymore, in terms of time, but also already in terms of percentage, speaks in favor of a particularly strong immune agent (à la ©Immuxøl). This, especially in connection with registered harmful effects (after vaccination), requires at least supplementary measures, namely the highly urgent strengthening and stabilization of every human immune defense system. This should, by the way, have been so clear for a long time that there is basically no need for more extensive explanations, except to highlight the hop polyphenols as the basic phytocine per se in ©Immuxøl with their highly effective immunizing uniqueness (which is the intention of this essay on «©Immuxøl – the new phytocine»).


With this in mind, I have taken the liberty, in addition to the essay mentioned above, of presenting to you the long undisputed vaccine problem as a supporting argument for the alternative use of ©Immuxøl and ©Panaxeng and others. I thank your understanding for allowing me to occupy your valuable time and attention with sometimes complex medical contexts. I have tried to write simply and briefly and hope to have lived up to this claim. If I sometimes inserted allegorical simplification in between, this was simply due to the fact that it was otherwise hardly possible for me to break down specialist medical know-how into manageable everyday language. 

17.5.21, LP

My comments here are subject to the seal of medical incorruptibility. A formation of opinion toward third parties is expressly not desired and not an evaluation and/or promoting products, public policies and/or political decisions. My intention is: Immediate support in the common

struggle to save human lives and for human dignity and health!

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