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Innovation Company

under the working title ©SILANAT.

MERA FONTE researches, produces and uses a new energy source based on silicon (from sand) and nitrogen (from the air) – the world's first inorganic fuel – ad absolutum without CO2 emissions and completely free of toxins. It burns with air (≈ 20% oxygen and ≈ 80% nitrogen) and produces no CO2. How is this possible? Because it is a logical consequence of the fact that fossil fuels are based on hydrocarbons (CmHn), while  ©SILANAT consists of hydrosilanes (SinH2n+2). Period! This is important, not least also with regard to all piston combustion engines or jet engines used today, whose CO2 emissions significantly heat up the nitrogen in the air and thus cause global warming, whereas ©SILANAT cools down those huge amounts of heated nitrogen in the air thanks to nitrogen combustion, which at the same time essentially increases the efficiency of ©SILANAT in that a large part of the combustion energy is not given off (lost) to the atmosphere in the form of thermal energy, which is harmful to the climate / environment, but is used for motorization. Its efficiency is >90% (compared to fossil fuels with ≈ 30%). One draws the nevertheless limping comparison: LED vs. burning hot light bulb!

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Further usages associated with ©SILANAT such as e.g. the "S3N4" produced during ©SILANAT combustion as a cheaper and easier or faster to process "diamond substitute" for the respective branches of industry underline the common benefit linked to the project in a variety of ways. In addition, this fuel has other unique selling points such as S3N4 as a high-quality ceramic research "waste material" for semiconductor technology. On the other hand, ©SILANAT is significantly cheaper to produce than fossil fuels. It is therefore of both economic interest and ecological relevance. The dwindling oil wells in this world make this new fuel indispensable – especially since it also protects the environment and supports the climate! In its statutes, the FEAT Group has declared human health and environmental protection to be a legal maxim. MERA FONTE expressly follows this fundamental legal mandate. Hence the choice of company’s name, which comes from Latin (mera fonte) and means "pure source" or "from the original source". In 2016, FEAT scientists took up this challenge and, in the course of their completed research work, they were able to answer the question of why this innovation had not yet found market access...

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