Research-scientific innovation company

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based in

SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

is a research-scientific innovation company under the working title ©SILANAT.


MERA FONTE researches, produces and uses a new energy source based on silicon (from sand) and nitrogen (from the air) – the world's first inorganic fuel – ad absolutum without CO2 emissions and completely free of toxins!


Its efficiency is >90% (compared to fossil fuels with ≈ 30%). In addition, this fuel has other unique selling points such as Si3N4 as a high-quality ceramic research "waste material" for semiconductor technology. On the other hand, ©SILANAT is significantly cheaper to produce than fossil fuels. It is therefore of both economic interest and ecological relevance. The dwindling oil wells in this world make this new fuel indispensable – especially since it also protects the environment and supports the climate!

Logo Mera Fonte Slovenia.png

In its constitution, the Republic of Slovenia has declared human health and environmental protection to be a legal maxim. MERA FONTE expressly follows this fundamental legal mandate. Hence the choice of company’s name, which comes from Latin (mera fonte) and means "pure source" or "from the original source".

As long as the research-scientific work continues, no profits are to be expected for the time being, although the return on investment occurs – ad immensum –  seamlessly from the market launch. This not least also in and for  the Republic of Slovenia.


Courtesy of the Interscientist




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