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Our Objective

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"Brilliance and audacity nourish one another, 

they are the seed for each other's progeny, 
yet their true essence can only be found 

with wisdom – by teaching reverence!"


The Founder

The FEAT Foundation promotes science and research. It is the archetypical university. Highly gifted scientists make up the international community of researchers. These scientists are nonconformists to the effect that their work is impartial and interdisciplinary! The bylaws for promotion serve the interests of the common weal. The group of cooperating universities and companies is hand-picked, as foreseen in the framework agreement. The companies involved in the project ensure project capitalization. The scientists at FEAT are the pinnacle among the best academic talents, the scientific explorations of whom are always groundbreaking, in contrast to those of conventional university graduates. Exceptionally talented scientists develop practical, marketable solutions based on their research. This way, by promoting science and research, FEAT contributes to its coexistential social acceptability. FEAT foundation selects its cooperation partners based on these criteria.

Society’s existential hardships have given rise to the need for this foundation. The greatest challenge is securing the basis of our existence: water! In addition to plastic islands the size of Europe, radiation, toxic polymers, heavy metals, feces, and sometimes even deadly pathogens pollute the H2O circulating the global organism. This gives rise to diseases, some of them new, from which no one can really be safe. Not to mention the lasting destruction of our ecosystem. The way nuclear waste has been disposed of is one of the causes that have let the primordial carrier of life, water, become a global enemy of life. One of the proclaimed goals of FEAT is to reduce the peril associated with nuclear waste using complementing nuclear reactions with free neutrons. This method transmutes durable components in the radioactive waste into more fugacious ones... (this project preview only serves to illustrate the nature of our overall research efforts).

Research scientific  solutions  are what the scientists at FEAT strive to find by working together across all faculties. The transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research is conducted in the spirit of the aforementioned cooperation. Its financial substructure results from the self-responsibility practiced by all those involved, beneficiaries and affected or, in other words, all of humankind! A healthy supply of water can not only curb refugee crises, but also diseases, war, climatic chaos or worse. Only responsible science can help find solutions. Among other things, an enormous amount of funding is key to gaining control over such global problems. However, these funds are of little use if they are not invested in ways that enable congenial scientists find solutions that can make an impact. How the solutions developed by the microbiochemists, nuclear physicists, geomathematicians, fossil mineralogists, hydrogeologists and biologists, bacteriologists, virologists, etc. from the »house of FEAT« are handled, is the designated responsibility of the policymakers of our virulent world.

Promotion Concept

«A person is considered to have above-average intelligence and talent if he or she does not merely come to know the truth in all its complexity and variety, that is, does not only 'study' it or learn it by heart, but recognizes it, meaning that he or she can unlock and unmask it and at the same time communicate it clearly to those who are less intelligent - thereby repackaging this acquired truth and added value to pass it on them in manageable portions so it can be used for the common good.» LP

Art. 1

Individual Attention

"Education always has to start with the individual child. The strategy behind our education policy is: Individual approach instead of 'one size fits all'." Ludwig Spaenle (Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs, Bavaria). Exceptional talent calls for individual attention. With the political acceptance of this insight, FEAT takes up the challenge of providing such personalized education.

Art. 2

Current Talent-Promoting Actions

FEAT will take the alternative talent-promoting actions currently carried out in schools as a starting point: Acceleration of education by skipping one or several grades and partial acceleration and enrichment with additional stimulation beyond the standard curriculum. Extracurricular activities, usually consisting of courses and seminars that give smaller groups, ideally in the same age group, the opportunity to supplement each other's knowledge in shared fields of interest. Efficiency is proven as highly gifted children who attend such extracurricular activities usually graduate with a better grade average.

Art. 3

New Talent-Promoting Actions

The above-mentioned instruments consisting of 'more demanding' tasks instead of a mere increase in quantity of activities in turn call for a higher standard of teaching. In practical terms, however, such efforts often come to naught as gifted children tend to reject additional activities based on methods that fail to challenge their intellects. As a consequence, they will prefer alternative educational opportunities outside school.

However, this alternative and unregulated private educational market bears more of a risk than an opportunity for the highly gifted, who in any case require guidance, as otherwise their intellectual energy is usually misdirected. Ultimately, those who offer these alternatives often lack the maturity and experience required for the service they promote - underestimating the demands of the task at hand. The result of such self-declared talent promoters for the highly gifted often is the same: resignation! The reason: for the truly gifted, these 'fledgling' opportunities are simply 'not enough of an intellectual Challenge'. While it is true that the teacher could cater to the individual needs of each talent and promote it beyond the usual curricula, the few who have ventured into this new market most often are pedagogical dabblers and know-it-all ignoramuses. FEAT hat set itself the goal of filling this gap giving due regard to the heightened demands of the field.

Art. 4

Insufficient Mental Workload

The child

  • does not like to go school,

  • often appears to be "ill",

  • does not like to do homework,

  • avoids collective rituals,

  • is easily distracted and often absent-minded,

  • resigns and remains assiduously silent about it,

  • takes far too long to complete simple tasks,

  • has a number of 'diffuse' fears and anxieties,

  • has unexpected fits of anger,

  • has a heightened sense of justice,

  • feels with the suppressed and those stricken by suffering,

  • is ready to help but at the same time unapproachable,

  • finds it difficult to reach compromise,

  • neglects itself and those it holds dear,

  • has trouble respecting others – understandably,

  • works with complete disregard to its surroundings to the point of full exhaustion.


Not to forget the many highly gifted children and teenagers whose talents are not discovered for lack of socio-political accessibility. Often, they are even 'disposed of' in special schools for the mentally disabled, among other institutions. A derailed personality results in social (self) isolation, bitterness leads to rebellion, resignation to depression - which in turn results in self- loathing and self-destruction and, in the worst case, suicide! Statistically, our affluent society has suffered grievous tragedies as a consequence of unrecognized talent or talent that was not acknowledged in time.

Art. 5

Scouting for Exceptional Talents

Naturally, only the highly gifted can recognize other highly gifted peers. Diagnosticians who are to identify highly gifted individuals often are of average intelligence themselves - and are therefore unfit to make such a diagnosis, irrespective of any titles they may have on paper (such as "Dr." or similar).

LP & Co. speak the same language as their 'fellow sufferers', they know their' Achilles heals' and, most importantly, are able to read the signs of 'misjudgment'. Therefore, LP & Co. and their protégés understand each other quite clearly and can easily connect on both an intellectual and personal level. This way, it is possible to build honest, unadorned trust and reach out to those who otherwise refuse open dialog with 'ordinary mortals 'because they are 'disgusted by the ignorance that surrounds them'.

This results in an 'intelligence void' that is in stark contrast to the invisible bevy of brilliant minds scattered among the masses or our society Undoubtedly, it is easier to devote resources to the disabled, which ultimately is the result of the machinery of domination of our social structures.

Art. 6

Sustainable Nurturing

Every FEAT student will be nurtured and tutored during the entire journey of education: from school and university through its professional life. If necessary, the student will also be privately sponsored.

Once FEAT students have their graduation certificate, FEAT helps them find an occupation tailored to their unique skills, abilities and intellectual needs. Therewith, the FEAT network offers a world of professional opportunities for its protégés that makes it unique in the field of research science.

Art. 7

Integration of Talents already in the Work Force

Irrespective of any of the usual academic procedures, LP & Co. also always recruit highly gifted talents who have already completed their studies or are already gainfully employed. If necessary, we will entice them away from their current employers if they are not yet granted the possibility of developing and exercising their abilities. Companies and entrepreneurs with the visionary courage of advancing the business in new ways will, from the onset, be the least probable to reject the FEAT concept.

Art. 8

Intrinsic Value

The productivity or ingeniousness of a company/entrepreneur is reflected in the brilliance of its own employees. As members of FEAT, LP & Co. have taken it upon themselves to promote the talent of similarly talented peers, so they can put their gifts to the service of the common good. It is precisely these highly gifted individuals who require the support of FEAT. However, it is society who is in more need for them, as it cannot prevail without them.

Art. 9


FEAT selects the candidates according to 2 criteria:

  a. An IQ of at least 150 (individual diagnosis may well exceed conventional measurements),

  b. candidate should be truly WILLING to accept the opportunity.​​

FEAT draws up a schedule of costs:

  1. Diagnosis fee,

  2. Move to the cooperation home,

  3. Didactic and teaching material,

  4. Transportation fees/communing costs,

  5. Board for school/boarding school

  6. Remuneration of teachers,

  7. Leisure activities,

  8. Psychological counseling,

  9. Expenses for FEAT employees,

  10. Fees for external advisors,

  11. Staff and management costs.


Naturally, this schedule of expenses is examined in the greatest detail to determine to which extent the government, schools, parents and relatives can make a financial contribution. Furthermore, FEAT also offers an annual flat fee for each of the talent-promoting measures. The expense of supporting one talent is of ≈ € 5,000.00 Euros per month. Even if FEAT by no means works for profit, it cannot do without applying economic principles and standards. This calls for a strict policy regarding human resources, which is designed and controlled by LP.

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