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A juggler holds up a mirror to us!

Let’s get straight to the point:


Elon Musk is one brazen juggler among many of our time. But he is by far the most successful conman, deceiver, and showman of our time, who has succeeded with astonishing ease in building a billion-dollar business empire with confidence-inspiring/abusive marketing, without even beginning to fulfill the investments from third-party financiers based on his promises of innovation. Oh well, the Catholic Church would be jealous!!


Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook, recently gave Mr. Musk a downright damning testimony by denouncing his companies, primarily Tesla and SpaceX, as fraudulent castles in the air. Mr. Moskovitz said the following: "Although Mr. Musk has so far gotten away with his scams, his house of cards is likely to collapse soon, as he simply promises too much without delivering what he can no longer sweep under the carpet due to the rapid growth of his bluffs. Lies that have grown too fast usually burst even more violently. Simple law of nature!"



Well, Moskovitz and Musk certainly don't take too much from each other when it comes to trust-exploiting marketing ... ...! The only difference is that Facebook and the like is a real, functioning media company (even if it is tainted with harmfulness), whereas Tesla and SpaceX are largely based on promises of innovation from which humanity has so far received practically no benefit (which is even less evil than if Musk's promises were to become reality). However, the Tesla car is in practice just a bad, even dangerous market joke. Musk's Starlink satellites exist in their entirety almost exclusively on paper! The rest is AI animation and media staging that looks as realistic as possible. And the whole world marvels and applauds.



Speaking of Starlink satellites: It borders on almost unsurpassable audacity to make a logically thinking person believe that you can put together a bird-like thin skeleton (<2.40 m long, ~1 m wide, ~20 cm thick, approx. 250 kg) in order to then push them into orbit by the dozen

on piggyback with a so-called carrier rocket at an altitude of over 500 kilometers, where they are then supposed to "autodidactically" (keyword AI) become independent on new, further orbits. In addition, Elon Musk originally propagated with SpaceX that he wanted to enrich Mars with life and colonize it as a space colony. However, after this was laid on a little too thick and silly, Mr. Musk snapped his "magic fingers" one more time and – oh wonder! - his would-be technology, initially conceived for Mars colonization, soon rolled off the assembly line of his marketing machinery as a fast and cheaply produced mass product under the market-ripping title "Starlink"! So, these are the famous Starlink satellites with a wingspan smaller than that of an eagle or even a condor, and at an altitude of over 500 km... These toys are supposed to shine even brighter (through reflected sunlight) than the so-called ISS (108 x 80 x 88 m, 450 tons, altitude less than 400 km).


That Elon Musk is said to have disabled "Starlink" for the Crimea area, so that the Ukrainians cannot use it for combat, is another impertinent lie designed to make Musk appear even more powerful and bigger. A private-sector seller (which Musk is, to put it mildly) can never manipulate

technology used for military purposes, as such interventions always require clearance from the General Staff (regardless of whether he once wanted to make his toy available to the Ukrainian army command). That Musk could otherwise have hacked the system he allegedly supplied and then used for military purposes himself is equally absurd, as this would have immediately called US military intelligence into action. Instead, the Americans have allowed Mr. Musk to lie, as this is far more face-saving for the Ukrainians (i.e., Americans) than having to admit that Russia has demonstrated an enormous technological advantage here! In any case, it would be an absurdity that a pompous tomfool like Elon Musk could allegedly use a war zone as a stomping ground with his sales toys, when Crimea of all places is currently the world's most restricted area for private use alongside North

Korea. However, everything about Musk and Co. is pomposity without substance! Ultimately, all this was nothing more than a media staging in a very real, cruel, and bloodthirsty information war of lies.


Nonetheless, this "faker & leaker", now also praised by Putin as the genius of the century, is holding up a mirror to humanity with his trickery and humbugging, revealing with horror just how stupid, blind, and obedient our human species has become. The fact that the whole thing is being done under the aegis of and in the name of science is a cause for great concern as to how terrifyingly dumbed down humanity has become, so that such a rotten joke can be sold to it as a ground-breaking world innovation – in the name of science! Good night!


  • A man comes to a prince, who in turn is waging war against a powerful king.

  • The man says to the prince: "Hello friend, I can sell you a magic box with which you can defeat the king!"

  • The prince replies: "Oh yes, tell me your price!"

  • The man asks for several million... and the magic box belongs to the prince!

  • But every spell requires the right magic formula.

  • So, the seller and the prince agree that both the prince and the seller know the secret spell and that the seller may never use it without the prince's permission.

  • The prince grudgingly agrees to this compromise, as he has no time to learn all the ins and outs of the spell amid the war. But he is still wise enough not to leave all command of the magic box to the seller. Otherwise, the prince would not only be completely naive, but also highly irresponsible!

  • In the meantime, the king has found out about this secret deal and reacts by his very nature: he shows the prince (and the seller) his superiority and quickly reduces the expectations of the magic box to absurdity...

  • However, in order not to be seen as an underdog by the rest of the world, the prince blames the seller for the failure.

  • Of course, the salesman then likes to be accused of betrayal by the prince (not obviously but subtly, i.e., by having critics spread the word about him), as this makes his alleged genius appear even more effective and powerful! He's just a "salesman".

  • What has happened? One was fooled, the other laughed up his sleeve, and the third polished up his market value!


The tragedy of this imposture and pomposity, coupled with greed and hubris, is primarily since a jungle of lies has long since been created here under the aegis of science, which in the end no longer allows us to recognize what is real or false; what is truth or lies; what is deception or self-deception; what is bloody seriousness or media staging. But no matter how you look at it, it has long since become bitterly and bloody serious. Because if you give megalomaniac big bad kids a stage for lies and imposture, and if these then also find favor in the minds of the actual decision-makers, then it is only a matter of time before our world is ablaze and goes down in a single inferno. Decide for yourself what point we have reached in the meantime!

PS:       A wise man once said so well: "One does not silence liars, but only those who tell the truth!"

Courtesy of ©LP

Nuremberg, September 18th, 2023

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