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Interscience Alliance for Research Excellence

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FEAT Group is the Interscience Alliance for Research Excellence supported by the FEAT Foundation, a non-profit organization under public law, together with the FEAT GmbH, inter alia, a collaborative venture of the foundation. Its public purpose is to further science and research by nurturing individual highly-gifted talents. As an education initiative focused on research and science, the FEAT Group intends to gather the most brilliant minds of tomorrow (united in FEAT Universiteam) and to nurture their talents to the best of its ability and knowledge to the aggregated benefit of the general public interest. The individualistic working maxim of the FEAT Group is: "Attainment sans PR!"

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FEAT Foundation is an international research and education center for humanity's most brilliant minds.


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FEAT GmbH is a joint venture of

the FEAT Foundation. Thus, the inventions reach the market.


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Universiteam embodies the protected research cabinet of the FEAT Group headed by the founder LP.



"Brilliance and audacity nourish one another, 

they are the seed for each other's progeny,  

yet their true essence can only be found  

with wisdom – by teaching reverence!" 


Courtesy of LP