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Usamah ibn Sharik narrated: 
I came to the Prophet and his Companions were sitting as if they had birds on their heads. I saluted and sat down. The desert Arabs then came from here and there. They asked: Messenger of Allah, should we make use of medical treatment?


He replied: “Make use of medical treatment, for Allah has not made a disease without appointing a remedy for it, with the exception of one disease, namely old age.” (Abu Dawud and authenticated by Al-Albani)


The following should be noted: The Sars-CoV-2 virus has not yet been decrypted – in other words, no one knows its code or algorithm – as it has not yet been isolated. We are therefore fighting against an enigmatic enemy. But there are supposedly effective vaccines against it. One variant is called a vector vaccine; the other is known as an mRNA vaccine. In both cases, the most important part of vaccine production – the extraction of antigens – is either skipped or left out, as this crucial step has now been declared obsolete. This is because the vital generation of the correct antibodies has been “relocated from the laboratory to the human body”, i.e., outsourced to our bodies, without any demonstrability. With both vaccine variants, the vaccinated person is given a so-called genetic blueprint. Our body must scramble to gather together the jigsaw pieces from which the promised antibodies against Sars-Cov-2 should ultimately emerge. But with the so-called mRNA vaccine, the demands on our bodies are even higher compared with the aforementioned vector vaccine, since with the mRNA variant our bodies are even more overstrained to piece together all the components of the antibodies at our body’s own discretion.


Consequently , the repeatedly re-iterated promise of vaccine manufacturers that the XY vaccine is X % effective does not refer to its effectiveness against the actual virus, but to the development of antibodies that have previously been arbitrarily determined as such (computer-aided). In comparison: an archaeologist arbitrarily determines the excavation site and discoveries beforehand, and then starts digging. If he doesn’t find what he is looking for straight away, he ensures that the location includes all the elements that correspond to what he wanted to find, so that he can ultimately shout “hooray!” and say that he has discovered something great. Therefore, such an of archaeologist does not need a map or – as is usual – an exact description. At best, he has vague outlines or work it all out for himself, just like a child playing a video game. But in our case, we are not talking about great archaeological finds. Instead, we are talking about hundreds of millions of human lives – including those of our children! 

To summarize: The Sars-CoV-2 virus against which we are fighting has yet to be fully identified. Consequently, we are satisfied with speculations and simulate these using software programs. Completely new, genomically developed vaccines have been crammed onto the market without a minimum number of clinical approval studies, and the most important part has been completely ignored – namely the production of corresponding antibodies, which must first be verified in the laboratory. But since this is impossible, because the virus itself has not yet been completely isolated or identified anywhere, the following happens: Genetically modified and gene-modifying pseudo-vaccines are used against an unidentifiable virus and tested on hundreds of millions of people without any guarantee, and in the slight hope that our bodies will be able to do the actual laboratory work, because the lab itself is unable to do it. This is understandable! The brunt of the inadequacy of the vaccine manufacturer is therefore borne by innumerable human bodies, and this outrage is hidden under as many technically deterrent terminology as possible. Trying to understand all of this must be overwhelming for the general public. 


Apart from that, we are talking about genomically developed vaccines based on human embryonic tissue, and about cell lines which are taken from living fetuses in the womb and then tumorized in a gene laboratory (i.e., reprogrammed as cancer cell tissue), which not only results in completely unpredictable cell nucleus mutations in the human body, but also means that important circuits in the nervous system may be permanently modified, with catastrophic long-term consequences. The greatest long-term side effect is likely to be the development of cancerous growths - especially those leading to leukemia. Woe betide us if we have our children vaccinated! What a medical muddle with monstrous consequences! 

Dear all,

In light of the ever more chaotic and difficult situation in the worldwide fight against *CV (*Covid-19), I am also now, annoyingly, compelled to no longer stay silent regarding this scientific research mismanagement, but rather to explain the clear and blatant aberrations in this, and at the same time to demonstrate one of the comprehensible options for common people to stay safe from the otherwise scary irreversibility of this pandemic. Notes regarding this, first of all: CV is, on the one hand, brutally underestimated and, on the other hand, it has been dealt with in completely the wrong way. Meanwhile, many other illnesses (exacerbated by CV to a fatal condition) are still poorly handled, as important therapies - and surgeries - have been suspended due to CV. Additionally, it appears that all hope rests on a sham vaccine with so-called RNA effects, to which I referred in one of my CV-related statements: GENE RESEARCH

In it, I highlighted in summary how genetic medicine could be used to modify the hereditary material from organisms, as an effective CV antigen therapy (a.k.a. CV vaccine) that would need to forcefully mandate that a CV antigen - apodictically exact - would be integrated into the genome of the CV host organism, to leave the host to selectively reproduce newly coded proteins that were in turn to be dictated by an implanted foreign gene and namely that this newly coded protein replication would not be able to infect CV hosts again. In order to be able to bring this about, highly precisely calculated enzymes must be made available in advance, which in their capacity as genetic hereditary material carriers and tools, help to equally facilitate and accelerate the required micro biochemical reactions (within the macromolecular processes) in the respectively handled microorganisms, without being modified themselves! Decisive here is the enzyme-particular activity center for the purpose of connecting with its substrate where the enzyme and substrate would need to be complimentary to each other, which would certainly require again that a complete enzyme synthesis happened, because all the required information for this enzyme synthesis would need to be coded as algorithms and made available in the respective genetic hereditary material. Only that it is about three new things that no university or other research address in this world would be capable of realizing:

  1. CV must first be completely isolated as a single virus in order to then be able to fully decode its algorithm (viruses are basically alogorithms), which has so far proven impossible due to its parasitic nature (cf. Art. 2, What is Covid-19?)

  2. changing the genetic code of the infected hosts in such a way that this no longer replicates itself (as a clone), and

  3. causing the CV’s mRNA to recode the host DNA, so that the enzyme needed here remains unchanged, meanwhile the CV’s RNA is equally rewritten, and namely with the result that a protein replication of the latter is completely impossible!  


Indeed, the now so highly praised and hyped, consistently newly announced CV vaccine contradicts this fact, not only in an amateur way, but it also promises absurdly that it could newly code a host-like protein, which would, however, need to be first and foremost manufactured via cell transplantation to, therefore, be applied as a deceptively similar CV-like antigen. This kind of RNA vaccine would not comprise accordingly of fragments of the virus to be combated (as typical for vaccines and otherwise only possibility), but of a CV-like mRNA, which should overwrite the hereditary information from the CV DNA in such a way in the proteins, so that the genetically modified cells should “curtail” as real CV RNA fragments do, to cause the immune system of the vaccinated person (in the case of a CV infection) to fall into this “genetic hoax” and thereby be able to be protected from CV. Woe, if such a vaccine would be approved in real life!


By means of the above mentioned link and the facts that I have highlighted, the complexity of the anatomical super virus called SARS-CoV-2 is cursorily illuminated thus far, as CV - appallingly - possesses close to all the counter traits that are targeted in viruses bred with modern genetic engineering. The enormous adaptation and deception as well as the parasitic docking capabilities of CV coincides practically in every respect with all of the exclusion criteria of one of the synthetic viruses managed in genetic engineering. Indeed, alone the fact that CV immediately works without difficulty adapting in each person, whether infant, twenty-something or old man, black or white, whether soldier, athlete or homebody, cleaning lady or president, in each region of the world, whether wet or dry, hot or cold, cloudy or not, on water, land or in the sky, whether oxygen-rich or -poor, stormy or calm, urbanized or rural, hygienic or dirty, forested or desolate... and no matter where in the world, the same persistent immune-weakening functions are shown, it can be concluded that this deals with something completely new here, against which only this 1 step protects: strengthening + long-term stabilization of the human immune system = keyword: ©Immuxøl.

Even those Interferon variants which have been advertised in between pose rather a “bad joke” from the medical perspective, because this is an adaptive and effective cytokine that is built from endogenous cells (generally cytotoxic T-cells) in order to counteract the protectively determined “conventional” virus infections (alongside neoplastic diseases). This works by no means with CV because the previously mentioned T cells are equally stipulated by Th cells, whereas the latter serves primarily as a CV host (cf. my piece on this at Covid-19 vs. ©Immuxøl – a challenge!), from which that exactly the cytokine adopts the mostly latent infected CV host in the form of the previously mentioned Th cells and – due to the lack of distinguishability between “latent infected” and still “uninfected” – supports CV as well. Conclusion: We do not need an anti-agent but an isolating / neutralizing agent, which blocks CV from docking to our Th cells and CV thereby withdraws from the significant food source. No agent does this better than ©Immuxøl. Because it does not matter how you spin and turn it, success against CV depends on the method that those Th cells significant for our immune system should be protected to this extent against CV, as these are no longer accessible as CV hosts if they are to also finally fulfill their urgent immune obligations.

That on the other hand, it feels like all the world's renowned universities and research giants are joining forces in an unprecedented collaboration of research sciences to make mankind believe that CV can be defeated by means of otherwise incalculable genetic laboratory tricks, by way of a so-called RNA vaccine, and to assume that the common man is too stupid to be able to have a say with those great minds anyway, borders in my opinion on accepting "genocidal health mismanagement". The fact is that many billions of euros of taxpayers' money have already been spent on these misaddressed research approaches, not only without having achieved a result, but above all without having seriously addressed the most important aspects of the fight against this pandemic. If we ever want to get CV under control, there is only one way to do so: to make the human organism natural, i.e. completely genetically unmodified and immune to this virus and thus starve it out permanently – always individually and exhaustively. In this case, my honest recommendation is for ©Immuxøl.

The polyphenols from the plant embryo = seeds or fruits of the plant (in this case female hop cones) are practically a completely new vaccine, a phyto-vaccine, which is now called phytocine.


Courtesy of LP

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