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Covid-19 vs. ©Immuxøl – a challenge!

Looking Back + Looking Ahead:

In light of Covid-19, FEAT has been using their resources to create a widely effective compound that strengthens the entire human immune system, so as to eliminate the essential basis for the destructive work of “Covid-19-like” viruses in our organism.  As part of an interdisciplinary basic research program, FEAT has been able to determine a series of pharmaceutical phytomedication substances that are yet unused in the

area of causative, immunity, or preventative medicine, among which specific polyphenols from the humulus lupulus L., in particular, play a key role. Furthermore, our research program also reveals the fact that conventional tests don't provide reliable information about whether someone is infected by Covid-19 or not, nor would it be possible to be immune after being infected once. Not to mention the absurdity of a suitable vaccine, the so-called "egg-laying wool milk sow" against this "monster virus". Rather, our research program responds to why, how and to what extent and specifications, the only way to protect ourselves by a permanently stable immune system. In the sense of the archbishop, philosopher and historian of Salerno, Romuald Guarna: "Contra vim mortis non est medicamen in hortis", I add the following and conclude: "...but against the power of Covid-19, namely ©IMMUXØL

Raw material supplier

ign-hopfen farb s.png
HOPYNOL Flasche.png

Despite the fact that it has now been established that ©IMMUXØL needs to be evaluated as an approved drug, we still chose to classify it as “just” a nutritional supplement innovation at this time. This is especially considering that even the fastest approval procedures for a new drug would, as we know, take far too long for us to use as such right now, when it is urgently needed due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, no one would argue that approved drugs are typically prioritized over convalescence supplements by the dominant market players, which actually do less to deter us from recommending the array we developed, in both the former and the latter case, to our customers who are well versed in both pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. Classically approved drugs are primarily demanded by “symptom-based” or “conventional” medicine. In contrast, the aforementioned nutritional supplements tend to try to meet the needs of preventative, i.e. causative or immunity medicine. However, the two cannot be separated from one another, and should instead form a complementing principle of unity.

The fact that this is not by any means acceptable in light of the chaotic situation has us all the more committed to unlocking the nutritional convalescence supplements we developed with the maximum scientific meticulousness and being able to verify it in detail. In this way, for example, just one of the numerous astringent (lat. adstringere = to bind tight, meaning for a medium, in this case IMMUXØL’s own tannin, which has desiccative, styptic, colloid-condensing, anti-inflammatory effects when it comes into contact with mucous/skin due to protein precipitation) and just one of the overly complex antibiotic effects of IMMUXØL can be used as a basis to explain its antiviral protective mechanism as follows: the tannins strip the water from mucous membranes almost abruptly (we recognize this sensation when we feel like we have a “furry” tongue or when a runny nose suddenly dries up quickly – the key word is “inhalation therapy”), whereby countless bacterial microorganisms and immunity-weakening viruses are harmlessly delivered together to the polyphenols (in ©IMMUXØL). The tannins assist the polyphenols here, i.e. the former paves the way for the latter. In other words, every “tannin/polyphenol team” deactivates the exact proteinogenic components whose receptors otherwise enable the docking and/or penetration of viruses such as Covid-19 in the first place. 

And once there are no more effective means to use against Covid-19 left in the world, the effects of the specific polyphenols (in ©IMMUXØL) will become meaningful almost by obligation. Lastly, those H-polyphenols have an immense range of advantages over other active commercial ingredients. Because the resistance development, which even leads to death in some cases and which keeps emerging even stronger in the case of pharmocological flu remedies generally for sale (Amantadin, Oseltamivir, Tamiflu, etc.), has long since resulted in irreducible losses in their effectiveness. Ultimately the flu remedies mentioned above tend to only target certain, i.e. affected, points. We use the term neuraminidase to describe this effect. But it's not just that it makes it progressively easier for the viruses to adapt quickly and dynamically to locally medicative modifications (and for the large remaining organism to become resistant to that type of medication as a result); I cannot emphasize strongly enough that the H-polyphenols work completely randomly by permeating the organism as a whole (with antioxidative effect!) and thus making it virtually impossible for the virus to become resistant. 

Based solely on the cistus (Cistus incanus) that is found in a variety of drugs, which was well known as a good medicinal plant into the pre-Mosaic era, the extraordinary effect of ©IMMUXØL can be assessed as follows: In spite of the extremely high polyphenol content already in cistus (protocatechuic acid as well as high polymer ellagitannins + assorted tannins, flavanols, proanthocyanidines, catechin, gallocatechin in addition to terpnes, labdane diterpines, diterpenes, 13-epi-Manoyl oxide, 3-acetoxy-Manoyl oxide, also monoterpene carvacrol and sesquiterpenes, among others), to which we owe a rapid and effective convalescence, this major “medicinal plant” is missing the very 3 kings polyphenol that (thanks to FEAT in a unique combined effect with the other H-polyphenols) is the sole host of the ©IMMUXØL: 1. Xanthohumol, 2. Kaempferol, 3. Quercetin.  With these (and the ascorbic acid also esterified in ©IMMUXØL), we could succeed all at once in stabilizing the human immune system long-term. 

Finally, it may still be noted that every modular step of extraction and integration of each H-polyphenol from the female hop cone to ©IMMUXØL relies on the biophysical expertise of our research base, performed in less than 2 years for this purpose. The extract gained in this way is the partial result of >10 unifying intermediate steps, in which even the contents classified as harmful and/or dangerous in particular had to be examined and isolated. We do not clearly define this work step as it is considered a trade secret. Consequently, the hop cone can/may never be processed or evaluated as a whole source of raw materials (for health reasons). Each inspection into the manufacturing expertise and submission of the corresponding Σ analyses, along with data sheets and certifications, was preceded by personal communication based on trust. 


But to unravel and plausibly explain such a highly controversial and complex topic called Covid-19, it requires not only an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the subject but also the ability to combine the numerous interwoven connections to a minimum in order not to overtax inexperienced readers and to help them in simple terms to overcome gaps in their understanding. I have taken the trouble and tried to meet this requirement. At the same time, however, I refuse in advance to tolerate any precocious attempt of the following explanation, be it by experts or non-specialists. On the other hand, I expressly ask for expedient additions and further assistance.

Below I pose 6 helpful questions, the short answers to which provide plausibility for ©Immuxøl as related to Covid-19:

Art.  1

What are viruses?

Viruses are like vampires. They are "undead,” unable to live themselves, and yet they continue to live in their hosts by stolen life. But as soon as they have taken over the life of their hosts, even devoured them inside and thus left them to die, they have meanwhile falsified their lifeline in such a way that they end up proliferating viruses and continue turning healthy cells into their doomed hosts. The fact that these hosts mostly are bacteria is all the more tragic as they are the smallest of all living things, without which there is no life form – no life. 


In simpler terms: Bacteria are always threatened by viruses. Out of sheer self-preservation, they must always try to inject their DNA or RNA into bacterial cells to reprogram their protein synthesis apparatus in such a way that instead of bacterial proteins, new viruses are finally reproduced, which in turn then immediately grasp at new "prey" – since they would otherwise have to die and can only in this form assert their right to exist. Like "vampires"! But among the many types of viruses, there are always such extremes, some of which attack with full force and devour and spoil everything they come across in their path, while others seem to crop up more "abstemiously,” sometimes not even noticed for weeks, and in some cases never even break out. In this case, we are talking about - let's call them "sucker viruses". However, these are all the more dangerous because they are satisfied for the time being with tapping the life energy of their hosts without destroying them all at once, but initially "only" potentially consuming them and thus weakening them permanently... 


Art.  2

What is Covid-19?

In the case of Covid-19, the above-mentioned occurs as follows: the typical immune response to the latter virus usually takes place, i.e., Covid-19 initially remains inactive for an uncertain period, while it is fought at the very beginning, i.e., immediately after infection. During this period, it may (but does not necessarily have to) happen that Covid-19-infected people experience flu-like symptoms, possibly even swollen lymph nodes. However, once Covid-19 has infected its host cell, it may also settle down, installing itself "domestically" in the genetic material of its host and soon begin to "scrounge and sponge its way through life" like this, undetected and, above all, unable to be defeated by one’s immune defense system. Whichever of all these paths Covid-19 takes, it will be relatively underestimated! But, for the sake of explanation, let's first take a look at the TH cells:


Art.  3

What are TH cells?

TH cells belong to the T lymphocytes, which are divided into different subgroups according to their by-produced cytokines* (term* for proteins that cause growth and differentiation of the cell)... The "T" in TH cells in turn stands for "thymus" (from the Greek θυμός Latinized to thymos). In the vernacular, thymus is also known as "sweetbread" or growth gland, the name of which initially comes from Plato and (freely translated) means mortal psyche which determines the human organism. The thymus itself, as a "key lymphatic organ,” is responsible for a large part of the immune system, namely by way of the T lymphocytes. At the same time, it is a significant organ of influence on the human psyche. For this reason, our immune system goes hand in hand with our psyche. Today "every child" knows that the psyche and immune defense complement each other and are dependent on each other... but what about their relevance to the current danger of Covid-19?


Art.  4

How does Covid-19 work?

When Covid-19 breaks out into the human organism, it infests the TH cells - of all things! - as hosts, which are known to serve our immune system. The cell-anatomical reason for this is that Covid-19 consists of at least two different protein shells, the outer shell of which is equipped with surface molecules that enable them to "dock" with the TH host cells destined for this very purpose, whereas the innermost virus shell contains the genetic material that can "live independently,” by obtaining the necessary (survival) life substance from the other TH host cells without having to "fear" for its survival, in so far as the chances of survival are significantly increased thanks to the multilayer protein shells mentioned above (by extending the otherwise critical virus death phase). In practice, the chances of surviving this virus are significantly increased thanks to the multilayer protein shells mentioned above. The hypothalamus reacts naturally and causes an ever-increasing reproduction of TH cells, whereby Covid-19 paradoxically also receives more and more food and can therefore proliferate more and more. However, since Covid-19 naturally progresses faster than the thymus can ever reproduce, the immune system eventually collapses, which is why, in the worst case, the person dies – however, not directly from Covid-19, but in fact from otherwise harmless pathogens, which Covid-19 has paved the way for as follows: 


Art.  5

What does Covid-19 do?

Once Covid-19 has broken out, two essential mechanisms cause the number of TH cells to decrease rapidly: 1) TH host cells are destroyed by the increase of Covid-19, which causes the viruses released in this way to infect new TH cells immediately. 2) Dendritic cells (lat. dendriticus = "branched“) produce Covid-19-antigens, through which they deploy what are called T-killer cells*  (term* for specific immune system cells, which recognize cells attacked by viruses and/or. bacteria -even cancer cells - as foreign and help them to die). These T-killer cells kill off infected Tcells. At the same time, however, and this is almost more diabolical of Covid-19, those T-killer cells – without their ability to discern the difference – also massacre the TH-cells that were only partially infected by Covid-19 or not at all, so that the immune response is disabled on top of everything else. The lost ability to discern TH-cells infested by Covid-19 or not (yet) infested is in turn due to the fact mentioned above that Covid-19 itself is able to attach itself to healthy TH-cells nearly unnoticed – like a parasite – without giving the T-killer cells any clue whether this host has already become both doomed and deadly. This causes an inexorable loss of TH-cells in the blood, which in turn leads to an ever-increasing demand for an immune response to almost every pathogen... The person infected will ultimately die of infections that would otherwise not normally result in death (meaning, without the groundwork laid by Covid-19). 

Gene 8.jpg

Art.  6

How does ©Immuxøl oust Covid-19?

First of all, I would like to point out that although it is a necessary requirement, even an obligation, not to withhold any helpful information about the fight against Covid-19 from the general public, I consider it a responsibility to provide such information always as long as the responsible handling of this information is clearly guaranteed and neither abuse nor discredit is exposed. Therefore, only the following direction is given here: ©IMMUXØL hinders the docking of the Covid-19 outer shell with the TH cells and thus deprives Covid-19 of its actual basis. Period. The fact that ©IMMUXØL also actively counteracts the growth of cancer cells and also supports our immune system in many other ways ... underlines the need for the urgent market introduction of ©IMMUXØL. After all, people who have cancer, above all, are many times more at risk from Covid-19 infections. Further information is available upon personal request. The entire research know-how is under lock and key at FEAT.

 LP 2020 

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