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Exemplary Exchange as a Reflector of a Cardinal Problem :

Nuremberg, Oct. 6, 2021

Dear Ms. ******************,


I respond to your "letter of doubt" regarding our work as follows:


First and foremost, it must be said: FEAT exclusively promotes the most highly gifted students and works exclusively with them (knock-out criteria are sometimes a minimum IQ of 150 points, but usually >170, after tolerance deduction). This above-average educational demand is often too high even for "normal academics," as experience has taught us so far. In other words, many students cannot grasp the wide-ranging, mostly highly complex scientific contexts from FEAT and therefore, sooner or later, hit a blockade. 


However, very few of them admit to themselves that they are unable to grasp it and ultimately make judgments (like you in your letter) with empty phrases like "unrealistic." This is presumably because that’s how they are best able to create, seek, or maintain the appearance of understanding while also saving face, convinced that their (insufficient) intelligence is still superior and try to conceal their inability to understand by using such empty phrases. 


This is completely human or a typical human trait and usually an all too simple psycho-logical circular argument. I spoke with two professors from Princeton recently, who to begin with also dismissed our scientific work with the words that it was useless in this and that point. It took me more than two hours before they finally understood what the actual logic of the connections we discussed is anchored in, which is, above all else, the very foundations of higher mathematics (analysis)... 


Be that as it may, FEAT embodies an educational offensive whose multidisciplinary and very high level of science not only overtaxes the minds of ordinary people, but increasingly also of academics, and in some cases, quickly overstimulates them. And who can blame them? There are only a handful of people in the world whose intelligence - and above all whose intellect - is capable of following this multidisciplinary, scientific research-based educational standard. 


This is usually one of the reasons why FEAT strictly rejects any public relations, especially since the mass opinion of the general public is too naive anyway and simply too uneducated to comprehend the truth of those cross-faculty performance standards. That's just how it is. That's what we're here for - to help bridge that gap. Moreover, FEAT is far too precious and sophisticated for us to expose its achievements to the "media mob," whose culture of understanding has as little in common with FEAT as the student pacifist who imagines he can make peace by defiant abstention, and thereby causes only more trouble and harm than if he advocated nothing of the sort and otherwise went about his work in a meaningful way. 


So please don't take offense if I put it plainly: Our world is suffocating under enormous problems, fears, catastrophes, illnesses, wars, epidemics, etc., but especially from appalling stupidity, arrogance and ignorance! Yes, our entire earth has long since degenerated into a global toxic waste dump, while our civilization is at the mercy of an unprecedented paralysis. At the same time, the world in many places aflame, while its infrastructure is ailing to the point of cracking. The healthy human has long since become a rare exception. Where, please, do you want me to stop?! 


At the same time, however, our world is fuller than ever in terms of university graduates, research and funding bodies, institutes, universities together with foundations, philanthropists, doctors, professors, etc. Meanwhile, billionaires are brazenly indulging in "goodwill messages" that outdo one another as much as possible. Legions of so-called scientists are flooding the public with all kinds of media-hyped and applauded nonsense. 


Let's be honest: there have never been so many millions of "title holders" at once since the dawn of human thought. How can these two things be reconciled? How, after ever larger cohorts of these so-called highly-intelligent people faced with increasingly worse problems that cannot be solved by those same people, can the very embodiment of “science” be made a dirty word?! My answer: because otherwise nobody can be found whose intellect and intelligence are capable of realizing and deciphering these globally existential problems and applying the necessary leverage in a scientifically correct manner. Your letter of doubt is clearly proof of this statement!


Every day, countless stories of “great news” of “oh-so-great ideas and supposed miracle solutions” rain down on us around the world. And yet it doesn't change anything for the better. On the contrary! FEAT, however, has created facts. Has - by the way - produced an enzyme that can demonstrably break down the plastic waste in the world's oceans molecularly and biodegrade it. FEAT has also developed and constructed a vacuum turbine that can desalinate seawater on a grand scale and process it into drinking water. Yes, an issue that not only addresses the egregious problems facing refugees, but also addresses the soon-to-be irreparable damage to our climate and environment. A problem that we all face!


News, however, does not solve any of the problems, let alone denounce them in the media - and want to remedy them. No, we have to knuckle down and tackle it, instead of just reporting it. And that is exactly what we do at FEAT! So, who is taking it upon themselves to judge us destructively, instead of constructively assisting us in our already overwhelming challenge?! So, please just pull yourself together and keep your mouth shut if you cannot keep up or join in the conversation due to a lack of intelligence. In this context, I would like to remind you of the transmutational neutron bombardment developed by FEAT for the safe disposal of nuclear waste. Or of our new biophysical procedure for decontaminating contaminated groundwater. A problem, which has now even affected Germany and the "wealthy" rest of the world. 


Give me just 1 address that, outside of FEAT, would have something real to counter all of this! For example, there is still the process developed by FEAT where by using new, efficient levers, the vast amounts of plastic waste from all over the world can be used as raw material for the production of synthetic (CO2-neutral) fuel. We're talking here about the conversion of plastic waste into low-emission energy fuel! And then there are the new, complex algorithms from FEAT, whose faster and, above all, more secure data processing capabilities have been documented and proven in tests on suitable networks. This is all apart from other FEAT discoveries, such as in human medicine regarding cancer control measures, alleviation of multiple sclerosis, heart attack risk, pulmonary embolism, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, etc.  


And should you now ask yourself why nothing in the name of FEAT is ever mentioned in the media in view of these achievements, then I would remind you that I have already answered this question. Yes, you yourself have answered it recently by justifying your doubt that the obviously well-known world-class universities and institutes mentioned by you had quasi admitted not to have understood those illustrated FEAT projects. And in doing so we have already interpreted the unquestionably extensive complexity of the individual topics down to the simplest possible level, and in some cases even broken them down into bite-sized allegorical simplifications for the uninitiated. If you had to report this to me from a cobbler, this would still be comprehensible somewhere. But you state, of the renowned universities, not a single one is able to follow the proven logic!

If, therefore, no one from the institutions you mention actually sees themselves capable of doing this (because otherwise there is no logical explanation for your questioning), then we have to agree with you that you are not the right person for our working group!


Nevertheless, I conclude benevolently with the words of Lao-Tse (with which I am sure you are familiar): "The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth!” As a scientist and also as a human, I am wholeheartedly committed to the truth and only the truth, which may often not please the addressee(s) (according to Lao-Tse) to express or to apply. 


With this in mind, I send you my best wishes,

Stay healthy!                          


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